The viable vegetative bacteria of each rationally assembled LBP consortium are formulated and encapsulated in our proprietary Gemicel® Targeted Oral Delivery System (ODS).

To learn more about the Gemicel Target Delivery System, please watch the accompanying short video and read more details below.

Each Gemicel® capsule is engineered with specialized polymeric coatings to facilitate drug release into two separate targeted regions of the GI tract. Gemicel technology makes it possible to use a single capsule to deliver identical or two different doses of a particular drug or combination of drugs, or to deliver two separate drugs into two pre-specified locations within the GI tract.

Assembly has completed a clinical study of Gemicel ODS in human subjects which demonstrated the delivery of therapeutic boluses into two specific locations within the GI tract: (1) the distal ileum; and (2) proximal colon. The study used radioisotope-based scintigraphy to precisely image the drug delivery properties of Gemicel ODS. Such targeted delivery to two separate locations of the lower GI tract carries therapeutic advantage across several disease states.